Store Policy

All work is guarantee for 7days. If it's the tech's fault for a bad work, or if the client accidentally broke it, we understand accidents does happens ..not a problem, we will fix it. Every breakage is different. If it's the tech's poorly job, we can tell or if the client accidently broke it or jam it somewhere, we can tell as well. But if it happens to be the tech's fault, we would like to see the work within 7days. Because the nail is still new and fresh, it will be easier for us to see what went wrong. If its not done right, it will usually shows within 7days. So we can address this to the tech so there will be no future problems. BUT if the clients goes for almost 2 weeks from the day of service, and broke their nail. We will NOT cover the fix for free nor Refund. Because nail does Grow, and usually 2 weeks is the right period of time to get your nails redo, with ALL nails. Etc.

Gel polish on real nails, all artificial nails. But if the clients can work with their nails being longer, than they can go for 2.5-3weeks. But we Recommend coming back in 2 weeks. Just because your nails will be longer and working with it might be in your way. Like chores, cleaning, cooking typing. Then it will most likely broke off because there is No more support on the nails from the growth.